Carsten Frank takes up the fight against everything that is brutal,
objectified, narcissistic and burned out in our modern civilisation,
against what is so terrible in all the superfluous trash
that so many humans are about to end not only ‘in’, but also ‘as’.
He has also introduced hope in his art, where – just as in Greek
and Faustian culture – he has not only made the human
race the focal point, but has also portrayed it with a soul. 


 Over the years, Carsten Frank’s works have reached such a high
artistic level that the configuration merges with the existential 
content. This is important. 


Because otherwise, the content of a work is unable to get through
to us, the viewers, at all. The intensity of the works therefore
makes it difficult for us to avoid their message, unless we close our 
eyes. And in such a case, all hope is lost. All culture thus dies. 

The sun blackens.  


Dr Leo Tandrup, art historian, 2017. 

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